Shaily is a New Jersey based artist, an IT professional on a break and a full-time mom. Hailing from Darbhanga, Bihar, she has grown up watching the women in her family practice Mithila art since her childhood and that has been a big influence on her affinity towards the art.

Besides practicing Mithila art, she has also had the opportunity to pursue a degree in fine arts. She also got herself formally trained in Mithila art. She says, these learning opportunities helped her gain a deeper understanding of the culture and legacy of her birth place which are imbibed in the vibrant colors and the fine line work which eventually has become synonymous with Mithila art.

She loves to experiment with the Mithila art form, while conserving the traditional constructs of the art. She draws inspirations from her surroundings and expresses them through her art.

She has received recognition and awards earlier for her fine art, which includes one from the UN as well.

For Mithila art, it was a great honor to receive recognition from the New York State Senator, John C. Liu and New York State Assembly Member, Hon. Steven B. Raga.

She wishes to promote Mithila art through her initiatives as an artist and in the process would like to pass down this art form to the next generation for it to live on.

Some paintings by Shaily Jha :-