Lt. Wg Cdr Arvind Sinha :: स्व. विंग कमांडर अरविंद सिन्हा(1974-2019)


Lt. Wg Cdr Arvind Sinha :: स्व. विंग कमांडर अरविंद सिन्हा(1974-2019)
Lt Wg Cdr Arvind Sinha (1974-2019)
He lives on…
Born on the Janamashtmi day,the 11th of Agust,year 1974.
My husband was instrumental in seeing my dream take shape in the form of me winning an award for my design collection,Ras aur Srijan, based on Mithila Art.
‘Ras aur Srijan’ was based on the much popular and practised theme of wall art or mural called ‘Kohbar Ghar’.
In that, he persisted doggedly in finding out about the local Mithila artisans in Patna who did this Art as he got me in touch with these artists.He saw to it that my tasks were completed by actively driving me around to their houses daily to get my work done and made friends with the Artisans too.He had this rare quality of forging ties and connections everywhere he went.People readily warmed up to him and enjoyed his unassuming demeanour.He never made work seem like work. He was a champion to my cause,big or small, in every way.

He was born in Darbhanga,Bihar and grew up in Patna.
He joined National Defence Academy,Khadagwasla,Pune.
He trained as an Air Force Pilot from Air Force Academy,Hyderabad.
He got the President’s Commission soon after he was inducted into the Defence Service of our country as a young and bright Defence Officer.
He spoke fluent Maithili inspite of having a great command over the Engish language and having done his entire education through English medium from St.Michael’s,Digha,Patna.
He was his family’s ‘apple of the eye’.
He was my family’s good, happy go lucky, good will guy.
He was a doting father to his two sons, who delivered at every opportunity
by being, as the adage goes,’friend, philosopher and guide’.
He didn’t know malice.
He was his friends’ most preferred company. A buddy in true sense.
He was chosen by children as the most affectionate ‘friend Uncle’ who loved them and entertained them with his huge bear-like heart.
He regaled both Ladies and Officers and admired by them in equal measure wherever he was posted.
He was generous and humble to those serving under him and dutiful and an asset to those he worked under.
He was a charmer,without a doubt.
A complete individual.
And in all of this,as a wife, I found quiet joy and contentment of being his life partner.
He joined the Indian Air Force in 1998 and served our country’s Defence Service doggedly and valiantly.
He was a dutiful soldier who did his bit in the Kargil Operations as well as Tsunami Rescue Operations.
He got the commendation from the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Air Marshal,Western Air Command during the year 2016-17 ,in service at 2215 Sqn,Air Force,for displaying commendable dedication and professional skill.
Like his Grandfather and father he was loved and adored by his seniors,colleagues and subordinates,friends n family across all age group.
He was a man of honor and now after he is gone, all I have to do is to carry his Sunlike energy combined with my children n mine, and keep doing what he did,the good work!
Pooja Sinha